Transparency assessment and merit

Article 21, paragraph 1, of Law 69/2009 obliges public authorities to publish on their websites annual salaries, curricula vitae, email addresses and phone numbers of managers as well as the rates of absence and best presence of personnel, broken down into offices and regions.

The Legislative Decree n. 150 of October 27, 2009, "Implementation of the Law of March 4, 2009, n. 15, on optimization of productivity of the public work and efficiency and transparency of public administrations", at its Article 11, paragraph 1, has the following definition of concept of transparency in public administration:

Transparency is seen as full accessibility, also through the instrument of the publication on government departments’ websites of the informations concerning every aspect of the organization, of the indicators relating to the performance management and use of resources for the pursuit of official duties, of the results of measurement and assessment done by the competent bodies, in order to encourage widespread forms of control over the respect of principles of good performance and impartiality. It constitutes essential level of services provided by public administrations under Article 117, paragraph 2, letter m, of the Constitution.

Paragraph 8 defines the obligation of each Administration to publish on its institutional website, in a special section of easy access and consultation called “Transparency, assessment and merit”, the following information:

  • the triennial program for the transparency and integrity and its state of implementation;
  • plan and report on performance;
  • the total amount of allocated performance-related bonuses and the amount of bonuses actually distributed;
  • analysis of data on the degree of differentiation in the use of rewarding both for managers and their employees;
  • the names and curricula vitae of the members of the independent bodies responsible for assessment and performance measurement functions;
  • the curricula vitae of managers and holders of organizational positions, prepared in accordance with current European model;
  • the salaries of managers, with specific evidence on the variable components of remuneration and components related to the assessment of results;
  • the curricula vitae and salaries of those who hold positions in political-administrative line;
  • the assignments, paid and unpaid, granted to civil servants and private individuals.

The above-mentioned informations relating to the Directorate-General for Antiquities, as well as to all the central and peripheral Bodies of the Ministry, are present in the special section of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities web portal.

Data relating to the Institutes supervised by the Directorate-General for Antiquities and the National Institutes part of its articulation can be accessed in Italian from this site through the dedicated page.

In order to provide the user with a more complete information, some PDF documents are given here below, concerning:

  • the curricula of the Director-General and the managers directing the Services of the Directorate-General;
  • collaboration and consultancy assignments entrusted by this Directorate General to external persons (privates);
  • collaboration and extra-institutional consultancy assignments entrusted by this Directorate General to internal persons (employees).


Curricula of the Director-General and Managers

Dr. Luigi Malnati

Managers of Services

Service I - General Affairs, Planning, Budget and Staff
Dr. Giorgia Muratori

Service II - Protection of Archaeological Heritage
Dr. Angelo Maria Ardovino

Service III - Management and International Circulation of Archaeological Heritage
Dr. Jeannette Papadopoulos

Assignments to privates

There is no pending assignment of collaboration and consultancy.


Outside assignment to employees

There is no pending assignment of extra-institutional collaboration and consultancy

General informations are present in the special section of the MiBACT web portal.

Calls for bids and open competitions

Currently, there is no ongoing call by the Directorate-General for Antiquities.

General informations are present in the special section of the MiBACT web portal.